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The Ecosystem.

MARMOREAL is capable of generating a virtual catalogue of stone blocks through image capturing. The images of the blocks obtained with special imaging technology are processed on dedicated servers, becoming high-resolution 3D realistic models available in the customer’s virtual warehouse. Models can be viewed on various devices thanks to a digital platform,  and in a virtual environment using VR headsets. 




Image acquisition of natural stone blocks takes place through a photogrammetry technique and through the use of customizable and assisted hardware to optimize the scanning procedure. The images are processed and the three-dimensional models thus generated are published within the Marmoreal portal and made available on various platforms, such as web interface and VR. Customers can create and share their own catalogue, making it accessible to other users through the portal.



All images acquired on field are transmitted to our servers. Here, special dedicated algorithms process and reconstruct the 3D image of the block while maintaining high resolution and perfect realism, allowing a complete and detailed view of the product in the virtual warehouse.



The images acquired and processed allow the creation of a totally digital catalogue accessible from any device. Thanks to a special head mounted display  for  a simulated virtual reality (VR) platform, it is possible to move around the stone blocks and inspect every detail, from chromatic and dimensional characteristics, as well as any defects, for a totally immersive and realistic experience.

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