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Innovation in the world
of natural stone.

MARMOREAL represents the most innovative and technologically advanced solution for the 3D image acquisition and visualization of natural stone blocks. It is an integrated digital ecosystem composed of photogrammetric acquisition devices and a digital platform dedicated to the automatic generation of high-resolution realistic 3D models, available in digital catalogues and shareable all over the world.

Innovation in the world of natural stone

All your blocks in a digital warehouse

The creation of a real digital catalogue allows for a simple, precise, and fast remote consultation.  3D blocks are viewable and shareable on most common devices.

Virtual becomes real.

Creating a realistic and trustworthy image of a block of natural stone in a simulated reality has the revolutionary advantage of substituting physical on-site inspections of testing material.

Thanks to a special head mounted display  for  a simulated virtual reality (VR) platform, it is possible to move around the stone blocks and inspect every detail, from chromatic and dimensional characteristics, as well as any defects, for a totally immersive and realistic experience.

Virtual becomes real.