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The portable acquisition device is extremely versatile; it allows the procedure of acquiring images of marble blocks in different scenarios, such as quarries, storage yards or factories.


The device is controlled through a special APP for smartphones, which allows users to manage every single step of acquisition: from the creation of a new project to the loading of images on MARMOREAL cloud for the generation of 3D models.

The acquisition solution can be completely customized according to users needs, turning the portable device into a fixed station.


Image acquisition of natural stone blocks takes place through a photogrammetry technique and through the use of customizable and assisted hardware to optimize the scanning procedure. The images are processed and the three-dimensional models thus generated are published within the Marmoreal portal and made available on various platforms, such as web interface and VR.


All images acquired on field are transmitted to our servers. Here, special dedicated algorithms process and reconstruct the 3D image of the block while maintaining high resolution and perfect realism, allowing a complete and detailed view of the product in the virtual warehouse.


The images acquired and processed allow the creation of a totally digital catalogue accessible from any device. Thanks to a special head mounted display  for  a simulated virtual reality (VR) platform, it is possible to move around the stone blocks and inspect every detail, from chromatic and dimensional characteristics, as well as any defects, for a totally immersive and realistic experience.